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Stopickingonme05 , 09 Sep 2012

Tips, tricks, ideas, and more.

I've decided to put my foot down and over come this for once and for all. As I type this I have no scabs, cuts, etc. I went 3 days without picking and its all healed up. I got a fresh start, and making it my goal to keep on track. So get right down to it tips, tricks,etc. -Leave notes on ALL mirrors in erasable marker saying whatever you need to to remind yourself NO PICK. Since I live alone I can literally put that but whatever you need to put there, even if its a just a symbol. -If possible like you have a weekend or something with sometime off, NO MIRRORS at all for as long as you can stand. I -Hydrocortisone-LIFE SAVER!!!!! *only on healed, or scabbed and not in excess, only 1 time a day, i usually do before bed* -Take vitamins. -Do a honey mask, if any of your wounds are infected (sometimes you cant even tell! I thought a spot i had that was flat and red and healed looking was a red scar, nope after my honey mask discovered it had infection deep in it and the honey pulled it out, it finally healed 2 days after that 100%!! (: Honey is amazing and no I swear I'm not a hippie! lol -Keep a journal, this will make a hugeeeeeee difference. Take a picture after a horrible picking session with that picture where ever you store it, keep a on going record/journal, say how you feel about yourself and the situation. When you feel tempted to pick review this, it will stop you trust me,the pictures bring that emotion of embarssment shame, and failure glaring back and you want to do it. As you heal and the pictures get better it helps to see the progress, just remeber just because its got a little cleared up it will make it easier to justify a little picking DON'T GIVE IN!! -*For girls* I've noticed I've done the best with not picking when I can't just cover up my mess with make-up. Get rid of any heavy make-up you own, heavy conclear of foundation. Face your face, not being able to hide it will encourage you to knock it off, not only that but I love once it making progress healing that it doesn't take me a hour of make-up to hide mistakes. And I'm not stuck checking my mirror all day to see ifthe make up is caking or cracking of nasty scabs. -Drink waterrr! Lots and lots and lots, and I'm getting on a good daily vitamin regime thats really helping as well. -Avoid the sun, the sun really pisses your skin off more then you realize. Even if you tan. And pick marks won't heal as well long term trust me, this comes from a girl that used to work at a high end salon. -Feel a urge to pick? If you have everything above in place the notes on the mirrors, not arsenal of make-up, the journal of horror lol, then do one of two things: -Call someone to go hang out. -Do something grooming that isn't damaging, it almost helps replace that need. Deep condition your hair, do your nails, what ever you can think of that is still grooming. I got a urge to pick today I deep conditioned my hair, and whitened my teeth instead. It soothes that need somehow. -Workout, something about a GOOD workout, gets the edgy feeling away. -Clean, I think it feels up some of that OCD weirdness I got, but I cleaned my entire apartment today really helped stop me all day, and weekends are usually my toughest days since I sit alone till work (I just moved :c) Hopefully that helps some. The pictures thing REALLY helps. <3 You're not alone. I finally told 2 people about my "secret" and they were shocked. You're as normal as anyone else. Everyone has issues,some just don't show. You're still beautiful no matter what, and picked out or not NO one can be you, NO one can replace you, NO one can do what you do, and that makes you something special.
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