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KrisMania , 12 Jan 2009

I am really Not Alone???

Hello! I know I have self-injury problems such as cutting, but ever since I was very little I remember always wanting to pick at my skin. Well I have been noticing many little things I do now unconsciously. Here's the stuff I do: scalp picking (have sores from it!), fingernail, cuticle, and hangnail picking, callous./harder skin picking, knuckle skin picking and biting, scar picking (from the cutting), just about ANY dry flaky or abnormal texture of skin anywhere on my body, scab picking. I will excessively clip my fingernails to the edge and pick the skin on the tips of my fingers. and just within the past few days I have picked up a new one, picking the top layer of skin off my heels and bottom of my big toe. (where the hardened skin is) I thought I was just weird! But i am not alone?? I also have depression, anxiety, panic disorder, ptsd, and tourettes. i wonder if any of that has to do with the compulsions stuff. i bet the anxiety does. the anxiety worsens everything, even the tourettes. Anyway, wanted to be another voice! I have never really thought much on stopping, but now I think i will think more about it, about if im ready to stop. -kris
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March 02, 2009
You may never read this, but I know I hate it when no one responds to my questions or comments--that's why I never post anything. I can relate to everything you're going through except for the finger/fingernail stuff. I hate having short fingernails (comes from mom cutting them too short for playing the piano). Yes, the cutting is absolutely related to everything that you mentioned that you do unconsciously. I only cut myself as a teenager. My issue now, as a 31 year old adult (as well as when I was younger), is biting myself and hitting my head. The latter not so much anymore after a few scares and memory loss issues. These only occur with rage episodes as I call them, and happen rarely so long as I watch my diet. My thing is I will always lay a hand on myself before anyone else, especially my husband and daughter. So, no you are not alone, even if it seems no one in this forum responded to you. Peace.
March 02, 2009

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Hey your "rage episodes" are very interesting to me. I also had some cutting in my past and I am a skinpicker. The word rage thou.. I never put it in that way all makes a lot of sense to me.
March 03, 2009

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For me it's a combination of anger mixed with that "I can't take it" feeling to the point where I literally feel like I'm going to explode. Now that I think about it, I haven't had one of those episodes since my picking has gotten so much worse. I guess picking is kind of like an IV drip of endorphins whereas bashing my head or biting myself is a one-time shot.
March 04, 2009

In reply to by bb91

I guess skinpicking to me is about not feeling good about anything anymore; If will power can't stop it then what do you do go to rehab? Because this has to stop for me. I can't take it anymore. Honestly I just left my soon-to-be husband Moved back in with my parents and everything. My life is just really going down hill. All I can't do really is pick and eat my fingers intill there isn't anything left. When I get out of the shower I sit there on my bed just thinking about nothing ( zone picking) And I just bite. Dude, I can't take this shit anymore. I have always been able to control this CSP now it's out of my hands. I have had all the support I need It's time for me to just give up for once.
March 04, 2009
It was just recently after my third anxiety attack, that i had broken out into a rash all over my body. Instead of letting it heal and rub lotion on it, I compulsively picked at the scabs. I noticed it was becoming a problem out of my hands, when the skin was becoming raw and burning, and yet i still couldnt stop. I want to stop but not sure how. I have a very loving and supportive husband. He tells me he loves regardless of how bad my skin looks. I feel comforted, but still out of place. I really am glad to know i'm not the only one to do this. I guess this disorder occurred when i was younger. I started pulling my hair out, and picking scabs in my hair. Then it has slowly evolved into picking scabs and uneven skin. I am open minded to any advice anyone has to offer. thanks ocd911

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