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Panda in a Coma , 12 Sep 2012

I can't believe I just found this forum!

I've never met anyone with this same problem! I've been picking at my skin since I was about 10yrs old! Haven't worn a short sleeve shirt since then either! Everyone always asks me "Ewe whats wrong or what happened to your arms?" & I never know what to say! Now I know this rediculous problem has a name! I seriously have never met anyone with screwed up skin like me & always thought I was crazy for picking at my skin! So stoked that I found this place! Oh wait... my skin still sucks :P
1 Answer
September 19, 2012
same here..just found thissite a few weeks ago and ialthou my brother suffers from this too..and im sure its heredi stary cause i can remember my mother pickin too..i still didnt think anyone understood what i was goin an adult ..ive suffered this since the teen well over 15 years only now well..the timing skin is much clearer then its ever been but every now n then ican still do serious damage so maybe my struggle is not over

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