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littlechick , 13 Sep 2012

Is this what I have?

Hi everyone After a traumatic few years I decided to try and find out why my skin is so bad.....and came upon this forum. Basically I pick everywhere, face, arms, back, legs, bottom, and it's getting worse. I've gone from hiding my legs to now hiding every part of my body. I hate how I look and what I do to myself. I even pick in my sleep! I wake up every morning and change my sheets and nightclothes every morning as there is so much blood. I'm disgusted with myself and appalled that a seemingly intelligent woman could possibly do this to herself! If I sit still I itch everywhere and am constantly scratching myself. As soon as one itch stops another one starts. One itch could be on my foot and the next one on my eyelid - there's no sense to it all. I can't seem to sit still. I've tried to meditate and even that is impossible. My life is a mess and my body is an even bigger one!!!!!! I need some help and I need it fast. There is no support from my doctors who just dismissed me as being neurotic and sent me away with anti depressants. I'm not depressed but I am feeling suicidal about my lack of control. If I have a relationship (not likely) I'm too disgusted with myself to be able to fully let go and I cannot get fully naked with anyone. I'm 47 for God's sake! I should be happy with my body and be able to commit to a full relationship by now! Is there anyone out there that can help me to stop what I do and finally, finally, make a decent life for myself? Thank you

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