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nicole , 13 Sep 2012


Hi All! Today is the first time in my life that I have the courage to google my habit! I have been picking and peeling at my lips since I can remember. I think I started picking at my cuticles as a young girl in elementary school whenever I was nervous. Which was always. I have always felt that I am the most socially awkward person known to man! Still do! I don't know when, but I eventually started picking and peeling my lips and I haven't stopped yet. For me though, I doesn't hurt. It's almost a feeling of relief. I will finally get that last part I'm obsessed with, and I will feel better, but anyone standing in front of me sees all these red streaks or blotches on my lips where I have peeled. It's ugly to look at. I feel like people look at me like I do drugs or smoke crack or something! At least that is what my fiancee says it looks like. I have stopped at times for a few weeks or so, but I always start back up again. My lips get stiff when the skin is growing back which only prompts me to start picking again. I don't necessarily want to stop the action of it. I just want to stop the way it makes my lips look. Which is impossible I think. I really have never come across another person who has lips that look like mine do from picking and peeling. To find this site and learn that I am not the only one is comforting and I will keep us all in my prayers!
2 Answers
September 14, 2012
Nicole, Congrats on taking the first step to healing, My suggestion, Find a lip balm that is packed full with Vitamin E, preferably one that is in a chap stick type tube, this will do 3 things, firstly, the vitamin E will help your skin heal a lot faster. Secondly, when you feel like picking, put on some lip balm. this will help form a new habit, and thirdly, this will help keep your lips soft, giving you nothing to actually pick at. For your cuticles I would recommend a hand cream, one that you think feels nice, everyone's opinion is different when it comes to their preference, and moisturize morning, and night. this will help keep your cuticles soft too. :) I hope this help, and good luck with yout journey, Unfortunately there is no way to pick your lips and stop the way they look when you pick them, the picking and redness come hand in hand.
September 14, 2012
Hi Nicole! I have two suggestions to go along with Emmi's--in the vitamin isle at WalMart near me (don't know if you have one) there is a Vitamin E lip gloss that is 100% vitamin E. I've found that using lip glosses that contain chemicals actually dry my lips out faster. Also, Burt's Bees makes a cuticle balm that works wonderful. It's in a little round tin. Good luck to you and congratulations on getting started! By the way--I'm happy you have such a support in your fiance! Use him to help you get through this. Make an actual PLAN to quit and stick to it!! :)

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