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justme2 , 16 Sep 2012


I'm not sure where to post this or if I should even be telling it. But I need serious help...I'm obsessed with picking the skin layers from the bottom of my feet and eating it...I even chew on my socks after wearing them all day sometimes even 2 or more days just to get the sweaty skin taste. I dig and scratch at my feet and consume the skin as I do it...I do it without realizing I do it or sometimes the craving is so bad I have to go hide in another room to do it or to chew on socks....I know this is gross, but what do I do???? I even pick at my head, or scabs if I have them and eat it too...but it's mainly the bottom of my feet...I pick as much as I can as often as I can..I'll wear shoes and socks for days just so my feet will sweat and come off easier....I crave the taste.....someone please help me.....I'm crazy I think....
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September 17, 2012
Hi Justme2, well, you have found the right sound like the rest of us on here! :) It's good that you've decided to search about your problem and look for help. You'll find lots of people's posts on here with some good tips for getting started with quitting. First thing you need to do (well it was my first thing, I can say that) is be devoted to quitting! For me, it never worked when I wanted to quit but wasn't 100% committed. Just wanting to "slow down" never worked for me--some stress, and I'd be back at it. Good luck to you, it's totally worth it to quit!! (Wait until your new skin grows, like mine is now, it's energizing!)

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