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idontknowimbeautiful , 17 Sep 2012

gorgeous but i still pick at my skin.

I'm actually really gorgeous. I make heads turn when I walk down the street and when I'm driving I get whistled at, compliments all the time too. But, I have a terrible problem with skin picking. It started in 6th grade after a tragic event and then in 7th grade I began to cut, and actually attempted suicide. I felt ugly all the time even though I'm actually really pretty. I am now 18 and I went 2 years without skin picking in 10th and 11th grade everyone told me I had beautiful skin. Those were the years I went tannning. Though I thought tanning fixed my skin, it did for 2 years then I got sundamage and began picking at my skin again, lately I haven't been picking bad enough to the point where I have open wounds anymore,but I pick and pick at blackheads so obessesively I'm starting to come to the realization I need serious help. I cry after I do it, and I'm supposed to be gettting back into my modeling career but I can't with this skin picking thing taking control over my life. I just recently found that its an actual disorder and that I'm not the only one that's doing it. No one undertstands that I can't just stop, my mom doesn't get it nor anyone else and I was hoping to get feedback from others about how they've learned to control their urges. Please help!
4 Answers
September 17, 2012
Hello and good luck on your journey to quitting picking. Here's a quote that I think may apply in your case, to help you remember what is important in life: "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." --Kahlil Gibran
September 18, 2012
i know you cant just stop, but there is something you can do.. TRY HARDER to stop. think about the progress you have made with picking up to this point and try to understand that you do ultimately control it... even if it seems like its not up to you, it is ! and if you can say that your picking isnt as bad as it used to be, then it can certainly get even more not bad. become aware of when you do it and why and find things that help you avoid it ! i know its a very very difficult thing, but we are capable of overcoming it.

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