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NotAloneHere , 18 Sep 2012


I have just came across this site while I was looking around the Internet wondering if I was alone. I stated to have acne at a young age, about nine or ten. I started picking a few years later. I havnt stopped since, and I am now nineteen. I have always thought I was alone, a freak. I picked when I was alone, hiding it, imbarressed for what I do. I'm married, and my husband is also the same, but more open about it. I have always just thought we were weirdos, that no one else did this. It's SO different knowing I'm not so alone. I want help, I want to stop. I'm so glad I found this site. Wish me luck, I'm starting a new way of life. Here I go.
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September 25, 2012
Hi NotAloneHere! I read your post, and I can really relate to your story. It's interesting that your husband is also a picker!! You have an awesome opportunity to stop picking together! Good luck to you, you can do it. Check back often, and don't forget to stay strong. The benefits of working hard at stopping far outweigh the costs.

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