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SpottyFace , 19 Sep 2012

Absolutely No More!!! I Quit!!

The last two weeks have been the worst I've ever had and it's been the kick in the pants I needed to take control. I have been picking at my face for the past few years, but recently it has become worse and I've left holes in my face. Not just open sores..I mean holes..imagine a stack of papers and then someone taking a hole punch to it and that's what I have on my face right now. It's humiliating! I just started a new job about a month ago and I've had sores and scabs on my face since I started, but this is the worst. I've hid in my cubicle for the past two days just hoping that nobody comes up to talk to me. I literally sit in my chair for 9 hours and I don't even go to the break room for a drink or to the bathroom because I don't want anyone to see me. I've been late to work because I'm spending so much time in the morning trying to conceal my sores. I'm normally early every where I go and a very friendly person. But this has all changed because of my skin. I keep my head down and I never look at anyone in the eye because I know they will see the horrible damage I'm doing to myself. This is not the person I am, but it's what my picking is turning me into. After spending the last weekend hiding in my apartment, and 2 days hiding in my cubicle...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! Enough!! No More!! I refuse to accept this in my life for one more minute...I'm stopping this cycle and quitting!!

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