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sadraptor , 20 Sep 2012

Soles of feet :(

Hey! I'm a UK woman in my mid twenties and I've suffered from eczema all my life, although it is much better at the moment than it has been before. I have found that despite having no eczema in these areas, I compulsively pick at my scalp and particularly the soles of my feet. It's so bad that some days I cannot walk normally, not a day goes past where I don't rip whole layers of the skin off til it's bleeding like mad. A moment ago I pulled a strip of skin off that was easily an inch wide by two inches long and my whole foot is throbbing where it hurts so much but I can't seem to stop :( It's so disgusting and embarrassing and I have tried so many times to leave my poor feet alone but just as they're healing I have a moment of weakness and do it again :( My partner is despairing with me picking at everything (including him!) and it hurts so much. I feel like I should be making the most of my eczema being nearly clear and be grateful for that and not scratching, yet I bring myself back down so badly by ripping the soles of my feet. Sorry I know it's disgusting, I couldn't show anyone. I don't know what to do and have only just found this forum. I'd be grateful for any advice or words of support. x
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September 21, 2012
Sadraptor, I am sorry to hear you have suffered eczema your whole life, only the last 2 years I have been diagnosed with a mild case of it, and Its not pleasant, I feel your pain. My father had a habit of pealing HUGE chunks off his feet, it can actually be a symptom of an infection like athletes foot, but you may not even realize you have it. Please dont see it as being horrific or disgusting, of course you may find it unpleasant, but there are alot of people out there who do it, it is a common thing to pick at your skin, the less negative thoughts and more positive thoughts you put towards it, the better your going to feel about it, just think of it as a bad habit your going to kick. I would start with an anti fungal cream, one designed for athletes foot, you should be able to buy it over the counter, put that on morning and night, at night wear sock once the cream is on, and make sure its nice and thick layers. It should really help, then to kick the bad habit, once a week or month, treat your self to a pedicure. this will be motivation to not pick, because you will be looking forward to having your feet pampered. with your scalp, work out whats causing you to pick, maybe anxiety or stress, maybe boredom, once you work that out, you can work on solving the problem, swap the habit with something else.. find something you enjoy foing and do that when you feel like picking. it will take some time to change it, but it will be well worth it, use your partner for encouragement, maybe see if he will be involved in your activities aswell :)

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