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ohhisee , 20 Sep 2012

will it ever get any better?

I do not even know where to start. Picking my skin totally controls my life, I know I am the one who has created these blemishes and then I look at them again, pick them, and send myself into a really bad funk. Like just now, I picked and as I was doing it all I could think was "wow you're so scared and ugly" and that no will ever love me because I clearly don't either. I'm 22, a recent university graduate. I wish that the depression and shame, guilt and self-loathing I feel just by looking at myself, let alone picking, would end. Will it??
4 Answers
September 21, 2012
Ohhisee, It breaks my heart to hear how you feel. :( I hate that you feel this way, at 22 you should be LOVING life not hating it. I can tell you one thing tho, with effort and commitment, things WILL get better, it takes a lot to pull your self out of these kinds of situations, but it is possible, it wont happen by its self tho. My personal opinion, you need to discover the cause of your picking, depression and self loathing. I suggest maybe a councilor or phycologist, I'm by no means implying you need one, but they are really useful for helping to discover things that are hidden deep down, below where anyone can see. Thats my first suggestion, once you start working on the way your feeling, you skin will start to heal, maybe even see a doctor and ask if there is anything they can prescribe to help your wounds heal. I know alot of food with vitamins in them are great, the more green veggies you can eat the better, staying away from fatty greasy foods and persertives and things pack full of white sugar will also help, feeling you body all the foods it needs to recover, drink lots of water, stay away from soft drinks and alcohol. You can get there. Its going to take will power and really commitment, but you will. :) keep us posted on how your feeling, your progress, everything, we will always give you support and encouragement, thats one of the best things about this site, everyone is willing to encourage you and help you achieve your goals :) Im looking forward to hearing some positive attitudes :) I my self am 20 years old. and I have managed to turn my self around from being almost at rock bottom, I was over weight, covered in spots, that I would pick constantly, I use to tell myself no one would love me, id be forever alone, but I managed to turn it around, I am now alot completely spot free, bar 6 on my face, but my body is clean, and I have a boyfriend who loves me and thinks Im beautiful, you two can have this. Im positive of it :)
September 21, 2012
I'm so sorry to hear about how much this controls you. You can regain control but it takes a crap-ton of effort. My suggestion is, when you pick, instead of saying to yourself a negative comment (which will make you feel worse) say something positive like "I am a good person." or whatever you can think of maybe a positive trait of yours. Try deep breathing while you say this. it's simple, but boy does it help me. Good luck and lots of love.
September 22, 2012
Hi Ohhisee, I'm so sorry to hear how much you are struggling with this. I know it's a terrible thing to have to deal with as it is a daily struggle for me. I agree that saying something positive about yourself definitely helps. Usually I try to find something good or positive about my day..anything. If I worked out, or passed up a doughnut (that doesn't happen very often:) or just that I got laundry done. It really does help. Also, try to figure out what your triggers are, which will help you handle/avoid them in the future. For me, its going into the bathroom with a bright light and then leaning toward the mirror. Once I see something that I think needs to be squeezed or's all over. You are very young, which means your skin will heal quickly if you allow it to. My suggestion is to cover up the sores with a band-aid when you are alone. You'll have to pull them off to pick at your skin, this gives you a little bit of time to realize what you're doing and to stop yourself! I've got two large sores on my face right now, covered with a band-aid, and my fingers crossed that they heal. I know how you feel. I hope that this helps you. Just know that you are not alone and that you can change this. Big Hug!..(I think we all need a group hug!!)
September 23, 2012
I feel exactly the same as you. I have been picking my skin since I was in 5th grade--Im 18 now. I do it all over my body and have severe self loathing and insecurity because of it. What really gives me hope though each time after I pick though is immediatley accepting what I have done and trying to spend no time looking back, just looking forward. I look foward to the days to come where I can heal and prove to myself that I dont have to do it! Just accept and love where your at, know its not your fault, you have an addiction. seek the help you can find and talk to your loved ones :) believe me you are far from alone and others have much more severe cases and have overcome!

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