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fromthefactory , 21 Sep 2012

Understanding Dermatillomania

I have been to my doctor, community psychiatric nurse and a CBT professional but no one seems to understand the colossal impact this has on an individuals' life. I assume this is because they have never come across a case of such an affliction. They have never heard of dermatillomania and I wouldn't have unless I had it. How can one person combat this? This forum is incredible in its bravery but what can we do in the main stream? For NHS patients with professionals who don't have a clue? To be honest, I'm scared I'm going to be like this for a long time, doing damage to my body. I hurt my legs, arms, chest and face. And I'm scared to stop.
1 Answer
September 22, 2012
Yeah! I don't want to stop but I do. It feels nice but then It doesn't. Skin picking is not a well known thing.

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