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loss11 , 21 Sep 2012

A stunning example is MSN, Ms has regularly experience signal lack of stability condition.

Workplace 365 into China: no problem in information middle operation qualification

Microsoft Workplace is responsible for 365 news spokesperson Cong Ming in a telephone connection, Ms has always expected to definitely present the Workplace 365 item, but due to various factors at the moment this vision was not realized, Ms will definitely seek to speed up the pace of.

The spokesperson also said that, although Workplace 365 cannot get into China suppliers, but China users can purchase the application or the series variety mode, to obtain office application. For Workplace 365 to get into China suppliers causes, spokesperson said the undesirable.

A person familiar with Ms associates said, Workplace 365 has not come into China suppliers, the fundamental purpose lies in the Ms in China suppliers do not have their own information facilities to offer solutions to clients, this means that Ms even offers Workplace 365 solutions, but can not guarantee that the solutions to clients bring better use experience.

A stunning example is MSN, Ms has regularly experience signal lack of stability condition. MSN is Ms instant communication tool, in Europe and the U. s. Declares region has a huge variety of user groups, but it was beaten in China suppliers QQ. Experts said MSN, one of the factors for failure, because in China suppliers there is no information facilities to back up solutions, causing the hosting server cannot offer constant information assistance.

The core said, no matter what the organization's internet business, need from the back-end hosting server assistance, Workplace 365 is an on the internet item, and a new version of the Workplace 365 further incorporation of the Skype, as well as commercial social media application Yammer. Therefore, on the hosting server and information middle dependency worse.

And use the Ms closed into China suppliers more than partners

Microsoft invest in China suppliers market is very huge, established moreover to outside the U. s. Declares the largest R & D Center - Ms Japan Analysis and growth team. In 2011, Ms CEO Ballmer visit Ms Asia-Pacific R & D team, the list of more than 70% employees engaged in related work and reasoning processing.

It is understood, Ms Japan Analysis and growth team to participate in a lot of Ms venture, such as Workplace. But unfortunately, Ms Japan research part of scientific and technological success, but for some purpose can not start china. Obviously, Ms also wanted to break the difficulty.

At existing, there is no Ms technical limit, not only is into China suppliers direction, as a foreign capital enterprise in China suppliers, Ms will apply for public reasoning certification is very difficult, it is an urgent need for a common associates, to offer solutions to back up the introduction of Workplace 365.

According to informed of the current discussions, Ms collaboration content, moreover to Workplace 365, and Pink. Windows Pink belongs to the Ms reasoning processing platform, at the moment this venture also hard landing in china.

At existing, Ms is working with a domestic Online facilities company seeking collaboration from Ms, an in-house personage says, supportive object is a huge China telecoms fairly neutral Online facilities company, the company can offer customer service system and system system hosting assistance, and through the system of Online solutions, helping businesses enhance the Online facilities performance,

accessibility and security.

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September 23, 2012

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