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minttingle , 21 Sep 2012

"Miracle" Cure!

Hi, I created an account just to post this on here... I have been a skin-picker for more than 10 years & don't do it quite as often anymore (that doesn't mean I don't ever do it) and reading the posts on here are things I can totally relate to in so many ways... I genuinely know what you're going through... So I must have squeezed a spot on my chin & another one in between my right nostril & top lip at some point... I don't even remember them because they seemed so insignificant at the time but somehow developed into these massive WOUNDS on my face that have lasted 3 weeks or so... I really think/feel it's one of the worst results I've experienced from picking... I have not been able to go about my normal life for nearly the last month because of these marks on my face... I have avoided going out in public (thank goodness I work from home!), I had cancelled on the guy I'm seeing for 2 weeks straight (which created kind of an issue with us), I was losing sleep, unmotivated, couldn't run errands, workout, be social, etc... You can all understand this I'm sure :) I even had to put makeup on to take out the trash & do laundry at my apartment! Ok anyway... Sorry to "ramble" here... Sometimes it's therapeutic to get it all out (isn't that the root of our problem anyway, trying to get something out??) ;) Well so these 2 marks on my face had morphed so many different ways into open wounds and then bumpy scabs, and then little pimples and then flakey spots, it started to look like ringworm with a flat spot in the middle and raised bumps around it, ughh it was/is just SO unsightly... I looked hideous in my opinion. I had honestly tried EVERYTHING... all home remedies, store bought products, doing nothing, etc... Finally, I'm going to a retreat this weekend & became desperate so I went to Henry's/Sprouts today in search of a miracle & came across a product called SEA BUCKTHORN OIL. I promised myself if it worked, I would post on a forum such as this (I only came across this site through google searches for products) & swore I'd come back if this one worked to let everyone know... So I created an account simply to inform you all... I guarantee you'll benefit from this product! It's not the answer to stopping picking, but it's something to help you along the way... It honestly seemed like I got results immediately... I put the stuff on, rubbed it in & then left some on the skin while I did other things & continually re-applied it (probably an OCD haha) & the spot was smoother, flatter, less red, the dead skin peeled off cleanly as well without creating more of a mark. It has to be the organic, pure Sea Buckthorn Oil... I got that one & also a Serum from EvanHealy (all natural brand) - kind of expensive but worth it! So there you go... Let me know if anyone tries it :) Have an awesome weekend, R

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