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apeeples , 21 Sep 2012

Please Help-What is this????

So I'm new here, I've read alot of stuff on the forums but haven't found anything that will specifically help what I'm going through. I am admitted skin picker, no doubt, though I have kept it under control on my face for several years. HOWEVER-I am so depressed about this I just can't even tell you-I have a spot on my face that I picked and it won't go away. I'd say I have had it about 3 to 4 months now. I've seen a dermatologist 3 weeks ago who prescribed an oral and topical antibotic (bactroban) which I used religiously as I was supposed to. Took my last oral last night and the spot looks as bad as ever. Here is what happened-started out as a small pimple, which I picked, on my cheek, scabbed over and then when the scab came off it was indented-the edges and some of it was raised so I still feel that there may be something in there but I've not picked it since before I went to the derm. While I was on the antibiotic, the redness went away, but the indent and overall surface feeling of the spot remained the same. So I thought maybe it was just scar - so I read on the internet that putting apple cider vinegar on an indented scar can sometimes help so I started doing this before I put on the antibiotic for the last 3 days. Now the spot is all red and irritated again, no change to the indent...looks horrible. It isn't weeping or anything, it's just bright red. I'm really concerned about this and very hurt. If anyone can offer me some advice on this-what it might be, what I might could do, I'd really appreciate it. I have another apt. with a different doctor but it isn't for a while. Please Please help!!!
1 Answer
September 21, 2012
My guess is you irritated it with the apple cider vinegar--that would be an acidic compound that I would think can cause irritation. I'm guessing that when you see your next doctor, they're going to tell you not to do that anymore!! I've seen a lot of people on here use calamine lotion to help with scars. I don't know if you should do that or not. My suggestion is to call your doctor and explain the situation and see if you can get a closer appointment if you're that worried about it. It could be infected, but I'm guessing it's just irritated! :) By the way, if you haven't been picking the spot, it sure sounds like you've been touching it a lot, which can cause irritation and introduce bacteria!! :) Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon :)

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