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pride97 , 22 Sep 2012

how do you deal?

How do you deal with people? I know that I am a picker. I've known for a while but didn't know until recently what it's name was. My arms are covered (and I mean covered) with scars. My legs have some too, but not as many. Whenever I have a cut on my arm, I pick it. I then get grief from everyone at work. I will deliberately wear long sleeve shirts, when it really isn't the time for them and keep them down so no one can see the cut. I've got one now on my right arm, it is about the size of a dime. I know I should let it heal. I do, but the urge to pick is so strong. I feel a tremendous amount of relief once I have picked the scab off. But I keep getting "yelled" at by coworkers and even parents for what I'm doing. I feel completely embarrassed and horrified. I then feel like I need to say "dude I suffer from an OCD" just to get them off my back. I know that I need to stop, I think I'm afraid to though. Just like my trich.
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September 24, 2012
Up until recently, I'd have said that I dealt with people's comments with avoiding them or trying to under-state my problem. I've also gotten angry. None of those strategies helped me quit picking. Now I'm honest, I bring up the topic with my trusted person (my husband) and I am confident that a) it's really none of their business but if they ask, they'll know; b) if they have comments or think badly of me, they can stuff it; and c) I need to quit to make myself a better person, not to make others quit making comments. Good luck to you, it's very hard to quit something like this. It's totally worth it, though. :)

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