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Needhelp , 22 Sep 2012

I'm happy I'm not alone but someone please help me with this I'm so worried

Hello I'm eighteen and to cut a long story short I have been picking my skin For a while now. I feel ugly when I look in the Mirror and cry a lot also getting compared to a Twin sister with gorgeous skin doesn't help anyway. I had a spot which I picked it scabbed over and I picked the scab off and now I have a area of skin ( where the scab was) Which will not heal its a bright red indent and it's really sore To touch. New skin will form over and the process of the Bright red skin will happen again!!! Can anyone tell Me what will heal this I've been given rucidic acid Cream from the doctors to kill any infection but that Has not helped!!!!! Please somebody help me I can't Even go out of the house :( Thankyou
3 Answers
September 22, 2012
Hi sweetheart, First off, don't panic, it will heal but you might need something a little stronger. If I were you I'd put some polysporin (or any kind of antibacterial ointment) on it. You can cover it with a band-aid if you want. You might want to go to the doctor and let him know that it isn't healing. He may want to put you on some oral antibiotics. Hope this helps.
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September 23, 2012
Hi. Like you I also have a twin who is not a skinpicker. The habit of pulling off a scab repeatedly is something I have too. The BEST and most effective solution for a fresh wound on my face is Savlon Rapid Healing. It is a blue tube from chemist in London. It works within a day and can even be used under make up :) xxx hope that helps.

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