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Zak , 25 Sep 2012

Picking my scalp

Its getting worse and worse evrey day i tell myself im going to quit but i cant i want to get help from my doctor and my mom just keeps saying JUST STOP!, and i cant i even told her i had dermatillomania and she just said look up Hypocondriac i was so pissed off can someone please help me :(!!!!, i also pick till it bleeds i even go at my head with sharp combs im going insane please someone help!!
2 Answers
September 25, 2012
Hi Zak, I dont think you're a Hypochondriac at all, Maybe your mom doesn't quite know how to deal with this, which is quite normal for people who loves you and cares about you to not always know how to react. You've come to a good place full of love and support, Can I ask how old you are, this way we can give you some suggestions that are age appropriate.
September 25, 2012
Hi Zak, don't worry about what your mom said. If she's anything like everyone else's family/friends on this forum, NO ONE seems to know about this picking epidemic. Don't be offended. She just doesn't know about what you're dealing with, and your doctors probably don't either! Well, we all know what you're going through here, and it sucks, doesn't it?!? You can get better and quit picking. It's great that you know you have a problem. It sounds like you're in a bit of a frenzy, and TRUST ME, that will make you pick more! You need to find a way to relax first so you can think clearly and plan to quit. I'd suggest Yoga or meditation. You can search about these online and probably even find some great YouTube videos to help you. Start there, and when you are feeling calmer, you'll be able to come back on this forum and read through posts and find what helps some of us, and some suggestions for getting back to feeling good!! :)

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