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Auiamini , 25 Sep 2012

Need some advice please!

Hello, my names Mykayla and I'm 18 years old. I scar extremely easily if I get cut or anything breaks my skin (even if I don't pick my skin). I have though been picking my skin since I was about 8 or 9 on my face, back and legs. It's gotten worse over the past 7 years, but I've gotten a lot better. I find myself not scratching and picking as much as I use to but I'm still left with all the scars. I've tried many things to no avail (Coco butter, bio oil, bleaching cream, nadinola). Wasted a lot of money on products that only help if the wound is still open. I've tried mixing products and even gotten prescriptions (*Hydroquinone 4% and Retin Tretinoin gel 0.04%) but none of them really did anything. They really only worked if I put it on a recently picked scab. I've gone to a dermatologist but all she did was reccomend over the counter products and she wasnt very helpful. Some people have told me about laser removal or plastic surgey but I'm not sure if that would really work. Any advice would be appreciated, and I've posted pictures below.
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September 28, 2012
hey Mykayla, i would honestly reccommed going to a dermotoligst, one that will really listen and help you and then probably get laser surgery. i think that will help the best and fastest for your skin condtion. I hope this helps and i hope you do get the treatment that will help it all go away! You will definetly have to go to the dermatologist though they will help you the best. With either laser treatments or chemical peals, etc.
October 05, 2012
Hi Mykayla! I took a look at the pictures and it looks like you are struggling with hyperpigmentation. From what I can tell, you don't have any "ice pick" acne scars which is good news! True acne scars are very difficult and expensive to treat. Hyperpigmentation is something that you can treat at home, without lasers. I have an olive skin tone so after I pick I'm left with those dark marks. My skin and picking was at its absolute WORST about a year and a half ago. I went through cognitive behaivoral treatment for the skin picking and while it helped, I still had tons of dark marks. I definitely recommend lactic and glycolic acid for treating hyperpigmentation. A fantastic daily overnight treatment is Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle which has 12% glycolic acid (the most I've found in any over the counter treatment). I want to warn you though, that this stuff STINGS when you apply it on any open sores. Another great product is the Skin Laboratory Lactic Acid 50% Peel. I used this once a week and in a few months my skin was literally amazing. DO NOT use this peel on any red or healing marks - you will literally burn your skin off and will be left with dark thick scabs. I don't want to scare you but the peel is a very serious treatment and you must read all of the instructions. I feel like I've tried every product out there so let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps!!
October 30, 2012

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Thank you for the advice. I will definitly try this. I've gotten so discouraged with nothing working so hopefully it'll help me. What is the name of the olive skin toner you use? Again thank you so much.
October 30, 2012

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Did you have any raised shiny scars? I have one and am wondering if it is perminate or is it still healing. Mine is raised just a little but really shine. Makeup makes it look worse.

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