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howdoistoppick… , 26 Sep 2012

I'm 40 & my picking has gotten worse

I am so thankful to have come across this site again. I only about 4 years ago finally told a Dr. About my skin picking problem. I waited all those years because it is embarrassing. I really wanted help & still do with stopping this destructive behavior. All the Drs & counselors just blow it off like it is something that I can just stop doing like smoking cigarettes. Which was much eeasier to quit. Some Drs haven't even heard of such a thing so I feel violated and embarrassed even more. My picking has gotten so bad that I have big sores covering my backside, one side of my shins of my leg, and of course the top part of my arms. I pray that one day before I get a serious infection I will find a way to stop this destructive behavior and live a "normal" life. I use to have beautiful skin now I am covered in scares. Who will ever want someone who looks like she has a serious disease. I am not the only one in my family who has this problem. My son is showing signs of this also. I really hope I get answers before his digging becomes so servere like mine has. I am using my phone to do this so my grammar is not the best and hopefully spell check didn't mess up to many words lol thank you for taking the time to read this I am so thankful I am not alone in this Battle.
4 Answers
September 27, 2012
Hi There, SpottyFace here...and I gave myself that screen name for a very good reason. I completely understand your feelings and concerns. I am currently dealing with a staph infection that I have...on my FACE...because I can't stop picking. I don't know how many weekends I've spent hiding in my apartment because of the embarrassment! But this can be reversed, and it could be worse...I promise. Even for me, with a big 'ol pussy sore on my face!!..It could be worse...and this is not unfixable! Your sores can heal, your scars can fade, and you most certainly are worthy of being loved!! Big Hug!!
September 27, 2012
I feel your pain. I'm 20 and have been picking since I was 12. I too had beautiful skin and felt terrible about picking constantly. If your face gets bad read my post about how to heal wounds quicker, I wrote a guide on what I've reaserched to work better then neosporin and medical products. If your scarring is bad, get an exfoliating facial wash. That's the best way to remove dead skin gently and help scars fade quicker. Also loreal sermon dark spot corrector works as well. Using an exfoliating face wash plus the serum will help with your scars with a week or two. Good luck. I'm sorry you go through this :( it's horrible. I hide away in my house all the time cause I just can't leave cause of how bad my face I've picked. Let me know if this helps you ! Good luck again
September 28, 2012

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Thank You for you suggestion. :) I use to use the apricot scrub from St Ives. Also I use coco Butter cream. I'm still to find real pure shaye butter (spelling) I met this woman who used it n her brown spot and scars on her face vanished. I really pray for u that one day before u r 40 will not hide from the world as I have. Its sad that society is all about looks :( I have found a few foundations that have worked to cover my scars and when I break out during that time of the month or when I am stress Aqua Smooth from Cover Girl & my mom, who make sure I am covered, got me Instant IGIA Cover Just a few suggestions :) Thank Again for replying Hugs & Prayers <

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