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Brittanypicker , 27 Sep 2012

Did you pick? Nasty cuts you wanna heal quick? I can help

Okay, so I'm 20 years old and I've been picking since I was about 12. I feel like there's nothing I can do about picking, so I decided to really research to help the aftermath. Once I'm done picking my face is covered with cuts and bleeding, open wounds I created that are now needing to heal and at risk for infection. I've been to doctors got medicine I've used neosporin, air drying, bandaids, etc. I really researched and I found that a wound heals by literally pulling the skin together till its closed again. That's why a cut becomes smaller and smaller. A scab isn't really good that's what leads to nasty scarring and longer healing time. If you want to heal your wounds quicker I found to use honey. I swear. Plain old honey, it doesn't look nice but neither do the wounds. So put it on! What I do after I've picked and need the wounds to heal and don't want scarring, is I cleaned the cuts usually I just wash my face with plain water sometimes mild soap, then I spray saline solution (salt water) to make sure the cuts are really cleaned out. Then pay dry with CLEAN towel, squeeze some honey onto a qtip and put it directly on the cut/wound. Keep the honey on, it may drip just wipe it up. At night use those little round bandaids over the honey so it's not a mess on your pillow. Honey is a natural antibacterial, so it naturally and gently keeps bacteria and infection from coming. It also keeps the cut moist and creates the perfect healing environment. My cuts heal 50% faster when I use honey. They don't get infected, and the rarely scar. Once your face is healed up which with honey will take about 3 days, if you have any scars I suggest using loreal, serum dark spot corrector. I bought it at Walmart for like 20$, it works very well to help the damage scarred skin. I've been picking for years everything I just wrote I promise I believe it will help you a lot. It's become my routine now and works amazing for me.
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September 27, 2012
If anyone reads this and tries it please let me know if it help you. I really hope it will because its what works the best for me with all my experiences in trying to heal these nasty picks quick
October 03, 2012

In reply to by Brittanypicker

I went "all natural" with my skincare for a bit and I used raw honey (you can find it in health food stores). I wish i had used the band-aids though because the honey used to get all over my pillow! I've heard great thinks about Manuka honey from australia... apparently is has the highest amount of healing properties. My favorite treatment is still plain ol' neosporin. It keeps the spot from getting infected and helps it heal without a hard scab forming. ONLY put it on the wounded skin since it can clog other pores.
September 27, 2012
Hello! I know you feel like you're going to be a picker forever so you'd better find a way to heal your picked spots fast, but I'm telling you from my experience that no matter how much healing you try with different lotions and potions, you've got to stop picking. It CAN be done, I'm doing it right now. It takes a lot of determination but it's totally worth it. I have decade-old wounds healing up on their own right now with no help from me. I read your other post too about how you feel with your picking. I totally know the feeling. I had resigned myself to picking too, when I was younger. You can find a place where you'll feel empowered by quitting. Quitting has given me power over a part of my life, and I feel very strong for that. Yes, the world is an awful place sometimes, with things that happen that you can't control. But, guess what? You can control picking. I'm not an exception--there are lots of brave souls out there who have quit. Anyone else out there want to back me up?? :)
October 05, 2012

In reply to by olivegreen

I couldn't agree more with Olivegreen. Over time your picking may (probably will) get worse. What we have is never enough and you may...eventually want more control. It's like a drug addict how needs more and more each time to feel the effects. Or an anorexic/bulimic. Please know that I'm in no way negatively judging or judging you in general. The community is here for support :-)
March 25, 2013
honey is proven to have an anti-bacterial. It's good for your skins.
November 11, 2017

I have been using honey on my wounds for a long time now and as much as it stings I clean the wound with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar first and that seems to help that apple cider vinegar is like a cure-all for everything I have been reading a lot that you're not supposed to use just regular honey you're supposed to get Manuka Honey which is really not that cheap but by the looks of this wound on my face today I may invest in the manuka honey but the honey on my face also keeps my fingers away from my face thank you for sharing

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