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howdoistoppick… , 28 Sep 2012

I am thankful for this web site.

After Almost 30 years of self destruction to my skin & many years on the web, I think I finally found a site that might help me with one of my serious addictions. I am going to try and start fresh when I wake up in the morning to try not to pick. I have been waking up to me picking and squeezing the sores n bumps on my backside... Its like I'm in a trance... I don't work at this time and I have been trying to quit other addictions I have so my picking has gotten worse. It has preventing me to be with men which is good but I have hibernated in my apartment. So tomorrow I will post on my progress as I have seen others do n go from there. Tomorrow is a NEW day! Hugs n Prayers for all on the journey to Healing.
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September 28, 2012
i'm proud of you for starting your journey to quit!once you make it past the fourth and fifth days of not picking it gets a little better but you'll still have to make a decent amount of effort to not relapse.I've been pick free for 10 days now (a big step since i could not go an hour before) it is possible to stop.keep in mind when you're tempted to pick what's triggering it and that it's better to let a pimple dry up and go away than to pop it and have it break through the skin and turn into a scab/scar.Just from subtracting the picking my skin is healing up pretty fast. I noticed that i pick immediately when i wake up in the morning too and when i'm sitting on the toilet. Maybe because they're not the most flattering moments in our daily lives?not sure but just a thought haha but all the best to you and you can do it!much love!
September 28, 2012
Hello! Sorry to hear that you have other addictions in your life, but happy to hear that you are ready to quit them!! How exciting! I agree that it does get a little better about 1 1/2 or 2 weeks in to quitting. You WILL notice that the mindless picking does subside. But, you have to find other things to fill your time with at least in the beginning. I massaged my own hand and had a smooth rock that I ran my thumb across. Conveniently, it has a little crack in it that I could dig at if I couldn't help the picking sensation. I'm over two weeks free of picking, and don't need those crutches so much any more. By the way, I'm not prying about your other addictions, but don't forget that there are lots of groups out there to help you quit various addictions like smoking and drinking. You just need to seek out the help. Good luck, keep at it! :)
September 28, 2012

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Thank You for your comment :) My other addiction really is Food. But that is also a work in progress :) Congratulations on your progress in quitting :) Hugs & Prayers <3

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