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howdoistoppick… , 28 Sep 2012

I am thankful for this web site.

After Almost 30 years of self destruction to my skin & many years on the web, I think I finally found a site that might help me with one of my serious addictions. I am going to try and start fresh when I wake up in the morning to try not to pick. I have been waking up to me picking and squeezing the sores n bumps on my backside... Its like I'm in a trance... I don't work at this time and I have been trying to quit other addictions I have so my picking has gotten worse. It has preventing me to be with men which is good but I have hibernated in my apartment. So tomorrow I will post on my progress as I have seen others do n go from there. Tomorrow is a NEW day! Hugs n Prayers for all on the journey to Healing.

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