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MarvelZombie , 30 Sep 2012

Nice to find others who understand.

I am 34 years old. I pick scabs, the skin around my fingernails and cuticles, my scalp (causing scabs which I then pick), my dry skin from my heels, and I pull facial hair ( mostly the stray hairs that grow away from the normal pattern facial hair areas like random hairs on my cheek). I often eat the skin/scabs. Just reading that as I type it embarrasses the hell outta me. It's so disgusting to think about but I can't help it. It started around age 11 or 12. It is something I do without even thinking about it and is worse during times of stress. Despite the physical damage that it causes to my skin, it makes me feel better during the picking, and then I feel worse when I see all the scars and open sores and the sore feet the next day. My wife doesn't understand that this is not something I choose to do. She gets irritated and yells at me to "stop picking!". And will sometimes get up and refuse to sit by me on the couch if I " insist on sitting there picking at myself." I don't mean to, I just do. I have found that, silly as it sounds, playing video games really helps. It is a stress reliever that keeps my hand busy. Reading to as long as I have to hold the book with both hands. As much as it makes sad to learn that so many others have to deal with this, it is nice to know that there are those who understand.
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