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mschafer87 , 03 Oct 2012

Real acne versus self-induced "acne"

I think that an important step in managing skin picking is determining the true state of your skin. By this I mean coming to terms with the fact that that your "acne" and pimples may be completely self induced. This is something that I still struggle with after 10+ years of skin picking. I often have the mentality that I pick because I have "bad" skin. I have spent sooo much money on skin care products and regimens trying to cure what I thought was acne. Deep down I know that I naturally have decent skin. Do any of you struggle with this denial?
2 Answers
October 03, 2012
90% or more of my acne is self-induced due to picking - it is miserable because when I pick all I can think about is that my skin is being "cleaned." Its not - it is just being pushed and pulled causing agitation and speading bacteria. Denial is the best way to put it...
October 07, 2012
You Bet!! I know exactly what you're talking about. I can have a pore that is off colored...and that's it. I'll start squeezing and poking and doing whatever else. By the time I'm finished with it, I'll have turned an invisible spot (invisible unless someone was up in my face with a bright light and a magnifier...) and I can turn it into a nickle sized open sore. That is what is so hard to deal with..that I am the cause of my pain and embarrassment, and that agonizing question "why did I do that!!!!!" I understand, I really do. I've found that the sooner I "snap out of it" and realize what I'm doing, the better. I'll take a deep breath, wash the spot with antibacterial cetaphil soap, dab some calamine lotion, and forgive myself. I hope this helps! Big Hug to you!!

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