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Jacy , 04 Oct 2012

I need some hope!

Alright, I have gone a whole day without picking my face! A whole day since I started college (I for some reason thought starting over fresh at a new school would inspire me to end my habits, and it did but for only about a week), and I think the first day is hard. Since I'm still healing from my recent attack on my face, it almost seems worse when I look in the mirror. I know as the days continue the scabs will clear, and I know what will come. I'm just so scared of failing...yet again. How can I make it different this time? How can I focus on the good to come instead of the supposed "certain" failure?
2 Answers
October 05, 2012
No matter where we go our baggage always follows. I think we set ourselves up for failure. Wouldn't it be ideal to have a sponsor? But seriously, someone to tell you...Hey Jacy. Put down the tweezers (or whatever). Someone to call when we had the urge to talk us through it. We are all for the most part creatures of habit. I know that it's like being in a trance and you don't even realize what you're doing before the damage has begun/gotten worse or is done. It's baby steps. I feel ashamed and haven't told a soul about my problem. Not talking about it isn't helping me (we are our own worst enemy). Knowing that you're not alone is comforting but that alone doesn't prevent the picking. Maybe rewarding yourself for each day that goes by and you haven't picked. *mind you I will be taking my own advice* As time goes on and hopefully you can stretch weekly rewards and so on. The worst thing we can do it give up. Just know you're not alone. We're all here for one another.

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