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hopelessandalone , 04 Oct 2012

i am so upset...please help

I dont know what to do....I keep saying today is the absolute LAST TIME i will pick, and that gives me some hope. but its been going on for 7 years..and it keeps getting worse. I just am so dissapointed in myself right now and I feel so hopeless. I had been doing so well for like 5 days...and then I got upset with a fight with my boyfriend and went to the mirror for a second and picked like every part of my body for over an hour. And im supposed to go to san diego this weekend and surf and hang out at the beach with my brother. I am so SICK of this addiction ruining my life. There are so many opportunities I have missed out on because of it and it contributes so majorly to my self confidence issues. i have no idea what to do i hate this and i hate myself.
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October 04, 2012
im in the same situation as you as from today im covering my mirror with a towel and im speaking to the doctor regarding the matter on how i attack my face i argue too and it doesnt help at all. i will keep you posted on my progress and also excersize regularly and get out of the house go for a long walk on your own keep away from any mirrors throw aways tweezers etc! keep positive knowing you are not alone is a major support i have sores on my face atm and im trying to stay positive we need to all stick toegther.
October 05, 2012

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Sometimes the hard part about getting out of the house is the embarrassment of the world seeing what you've done. Right now that's the boat I'm in. I was suppose to leave tonight for a extreme adventure weekend...instead I called out from work, which I feel guilty about, and cancelled the weekend plans. I just want to hide in my apartment. It's scary being alone with these tweezers :-( On top of it I have a huge dog and I live in a pretty big building in the middle of downtown. The moment I step out the door :-( But you are absolutely right, we need to stay positive and need to stick together.
October 05, 2012
Hopelessandalone, I don't know EXACTLY how you feel but I can relate. I called out of work today because I was up until 4am picking. It only takes a second and next thing you know hours have passed. I feel so embarrassed, so ashamed. I hope you can find even the tinniest bit of comfort in knowing you're not alone even though it feels like you might be. I know things are a lot easier said than done but you'll get through this. We all will.

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