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unlucyplucker , 04 Oct 2012

Does anyone pluck their chin?

Hi, it wasn't until I read about Tulisa's symptoms that I thought I was a mad woman, it started about 5 years ago when an ex boyfriend said I had a hairy chin that made me self conscious. Looking back I had normal human hairs which are blomde anyway as I have red hair but now I am consumed all the time plucking any hair that appears on my chin, I will do it all the time for hours on end and get anxious when I can do it when I am at work I will try and do it secretly or go to the toilet and when I have done it i feel immediately more relaxed if i am stressed I also do it even if there is nothing there and often get bad spots on my chin as a result of it. Just wondering if anyone suffers from the same or is it just me??
2 Answers
October 05, 2012
You're not alone. I had to call out of work today and cancel my plans because I just went to town last night...until 4am. I'm not satisfied until I feel hair follicle being ripped out. It's like a high. You're not a mad woman or at least you're not the only mad woman. Which is comforting to know.

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