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MaddieMoo , 07 Oct 2012

Getting concerned about my 'skin picking;

So uh im new here.. i was looking around about habits of picking skin an im so glad its not just me.. since im getting quite worried about the increased severity.. Ive been picking an also biting the skin around all my nails (mainly thumbs) and also skin around the nails of my feet (more so on the big toes). i also bite an pick my nails even when there down to the skin, an also bite/pick my lips alot sometimes. I typically use my fingers or teeth, but since i have short bitten nails i sometimes use pins, saftey pins, tweezers, scapul. (i always seem to keep a pin on my desk next to my bed now..) Ive picked these bits of skin for as long as i can remember really, but its never been such a BIG issue. I guess it went up an down in severity, but lately (fast few months) its at its worse. I Pick an pick to get the 'odd looking' or out of place skin.. even if it means ripping apart my fingers or toes an drawing blood. I typically pick at home, but ive noticed myself picking my thumb while in college just listening or reading. (i only noticed when i had blood running down my hand) This was one of the factors that caused me to be really concerned, along with people asking what happened to my fingers,im very conscious of them in everything i do now. and also when it became VERY painful to walk in shoes.. I cant explain why i do this to myself, i just..need to, it just happens? sometimes im not even aware its going on.. im sure many people here will know what im talking about with this anyway, since i cant put it into words. i realize it may have gotten to be a bigger problem due to stress. I do have a difficult home life, along with medical problems. I went back to college about a month ago an its hard for me.. with my meds i don't have much energy so im constantly wore out, and also an very socially awkward now.. i really don't like being around lots of people an people i don't feel i fit in with. I have my group of new friends but i don't fit in with them either. but on a whole my life is quite stressful, and i never really had an outlet for any of it.. but i guess this 'habbit' was one way of it, even if i didnt realise. That being said i dont want this to get any worse.. an want to make it stop or go back down to a 'normal' level at least. Im thinking about going to my local doctor about it, but im not sure he would do anything..sorry to say hes not very good, hes the 'take to painkillers an get on with it' kinda doctor. But i guess i can try. If anyone else has any suggestions it would be helpful to hear.
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October 10, 2012
Hi MaddieMoo I'm new here too. Only just realised there is a medical name for what i do to my fingers. I know i struggle with anxiety and depression ... my son has beaten me up for the last 6 years, so i guess that's probably the reason. But we kicked him out 6 months ago and i'm still picking. I so desperately want to stop! Thinking of buying the book that is recommended on this site. Have you got it?

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