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sandynutter , 08 Oct 2012

New here

Hi all. I just discovered this site today, and decided to join. I don't know anyone else that picks skin in my area, and have never had anyone to talk to, who understands. I started picking at my fingers, around my nails, when I was a small child. My father was/is a very verbally abusive man, and when he would get angry, scream, and throw dishes, I retreated to my room, and would start picking. I don't remember the age, and I certainly didn't know what or why I was doing it. Only now, at 34 and after a year of personal and marriage counseling, did I realize the reasons--causing physical pain during times of emotional pain, having control over something, etc. I would pick until I bleed, which I still do. Sometimes I use my fingernails if they are long enough, or sewing needles to peel the skin away. My fingers look horrible, and I'm a nursing student, so I have to be careful to always be gloved in the hospital. Most people don't notice, only a few in my whole life have ever commented on it. I play it off as a habit, but really it's just a way to cope. It's embarrassing, but I can't stop, even after diving into the reasons in therapy. I am thankful to find a community that understands. I do want to heal, I just don't know how to stop. My prayers are with others like me, not only picking fingers, but other things as well. One day I hope to learn to cope appropriately so I can stop, and maybe help someone else who cuts, or self harms/mutilates. God Bless.
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October 08, 2012
Hi sandynutter! I'm pretty new here too, I pick at my cuticles sometimes, but I used to be really bad and I would bite my nails too so I'd have to use tweezers and they'd go all red and sometimes would get infected and puss. I've cut down a lot though so it can be done! I pick at my upper arms now though, but I'm trying to stop that too! I've started taking pictures everyday, and trying to reduce my picking so I can see the healing one day to another. xxxxxxxx Jo
October 08, 2012
Hi I'm new here too and suffer with this and so many other disorders I so hope that with the continued help of this community and all of us sharing our stories we can all overcome this and be a little more happier in life. I welcome you here an look forward to knowing you better Good luck and be safe

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