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alwaysinpain , 08 Oct 2012

Wanted to share my story too......

Hi unfortunately I can completely relate. I came across this site just today and started reading what others have shared only then did I come to terms exactly what it is that I was doing and why I guess I actually believed my own excuse of reasoning for this madness. I have had a very rough life to date but I have also been blessed with two of the most beautiful children in the world so for that I am very thankful and lucky. Major back surgeries and neck surgery along with years of taking strong meds for the chronic pain and meds for depression and other issues. I was on 20 medications at one time about two years ago, thank goodness I'm not any longer down to just five different ones daily. But yeah I pick my face so much it is a wonder I even have a face left. I even go so far deep below the skin using tweezers or toe nail cutters. I then get mouth ulcers in the back of my throat due to picking at ones next to my mouth. I don't start at it until I go and touch my face only then do I start picking. I feel a bump then look into mirror closely to see what it is. Mostly a ingrown hair or zit but not sure what it is but I try to remove the little round ball below the skin causing the bump. Some have a small hair infected growing from it others are just their. I don't care how deep it is I just want it gone! I have even used tooth cleaner tools to pry that ball out some are really hard others are soft and smooch in my hands. Only after all that how badly I have cut up my face. I have also picked at my toe nails due to seeing fungus or dead skin around the nails. Even right now both big toes are band aided up from ripping the nails completely off And my face is still trying to heal from my picking as well. My children think i just get bad infected hairs from my beard and thats why i have damage to my skin. honestly thats why i grow a beard to try and hide the sores and any scars, ect. Doesn't always work. I also have very dry skin so it tends to itch and I think something is their so I begin picking at it. Will it ever stop? Will I ever quit picking???? God, I pray for help! I just spoke to my son who suffers with ADD seems he is picking as well on his arms and legs I was so hoping the children wouldn't have this disorder too :(
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October 09, 2012
Hi there! I wanted to commend you for coming to the website and posting about your particular situation. It is the first step to hopefully recovering from skin picking. Have you talked to your doctor about this? If not, I highly recommend that you do. It is very worriesome when you use tools and may experience an infection. Additionally, it is SO very important to set a positive example for your children. By seeking professional medical advice, the goal is to find a solution that works for you. I would also double check to make sure that your current medication isn't the cause behind your picking episodes. Just a friendly suggestion! For me, I have found that yoga, meditation and eating properly help alleviate my picking episodes. Additionally, this website provides a great deal of support and advice. I do wish you the very best of luck. Take care and be kind to yourself. :)

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