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little-love , 16 Oct 2012

i need you guys to help me with a project.....please read!

ok, so I have posted on here before about my skin picking and I mentioned that I do art to help me with my picking and as a kind of therapy. Basically, I am creating a project for my fine art course at uni based around body dismorphia and ideals of beauty and how we as individuals respond to these ideals and I would love you guys to help me out. I know this is very personal and a big ask of me, but I was hoping that some of you would be able to send me some pics of your scars and wounds. They would be used in my project for me to draw from and create art from. The pictures would not have to include your face, and I would keep all identities confidential and I will not credit you in my work unless you want me to. Again I know this is a big ask and it is also a big deal for me too as this is almost like my 'coming out' if you like. If you have any questions or queries and want to send me some photos then please get in touch and we can discuss. thanyou! LittleLove
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