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Raven22 , 16 Oct 2012

Feet picking and various other pickings

Wow! I am so happy I found this site! I am not alone! My feet are raw and bloody from the heal to mid foot...and I can't stop! I always try to get a piece bigger than the last time...and get very stressed if it rips the wrong way.I save the pieces until I am done, then rip them all into smaller pieces and throw them away. I do have OCD so I know this is part of it...however the meds I am on don't seem to help this compulsion. I actually get excited when I get sunburn and know it is going to well as loving to pick my husbands sunburned skin too. I also dig my fingernails or toothpicks or anything sharp into my gums until they bleed. It feels so good when I do it...even though it hurts so bad. Anyway...all of your stories make me feel a little better. Hopefully we can all get past this!

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