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nightingale , 26 Jan 2009

Treatment options in Britain

Hi - just wondering if anyone else is accessing this site from the UK - and if so, if they have any advice or tips on how to go about finding a good psychiatrist or psychotherapist with experience in skin picking here in the UK. I have been a compulsive scalp picker since childhood and the condition has now got so bad that I have a number of bald patches and sores. Will power has not worked, I have had a bad expereince with a hypnotherapist and I have tried to seek medical treatment a couple of times from traditional doctors- but mostly I seem to know more about dermatillomania than they do - (not hard when they've never heard of it - there seems to be a lot more awareness of this in the States.) Lat time I went the doctor tried to send me away with topical steroids. So I would be very grateful if anyone could recommend a more enlightened psychiatrist or counsellor. Thanks in advance for any help,

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