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Bee , 17 Oct 2012

I want to stop before it gets worse.

Hello all, Last night, I found myself picking and a 5:00am google search led me to this forum. I was astounded that there are people who are going though the same thing I am. I call my picking a compulsive habit. I'll just start doing it, my main targets being bumps/wounds on my face, my upper arms, and my chest, and I'll keep doing it though bleeding and oozing. It disgusts me to admit this, but I'll often digest puss or skin from picking. I also bite and pick at the skin on my nails, and even the nails themselves if I don't keep them covered with polish. I definitely don't have it as bad as many of you, but it's starting to consume my life and it's becoming more than just a bad habit. It took me about fifteen minutes to get up to here because I was picking in between. I tell myself I'm going to stop, but that hasn't happened yet. I want it to though before it gets worse - I have enough scars that I blame simply on acne. Does anyone have any advice? This is all very new to me, self realization that is. I'm 18, but I've been picking for the past two years, but it's starting to effect my sleeping habits and I just can't deal with this on my own anymore. Any help is welcome Best regards, Bee
1 Answer
October 20, 2012
Bee, I have lots of free tips on my blog: Love and support, Arati (aka Annette)

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