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loveisourresistance , 21 Oct 2012

Decided never to pick again....

Well I've been a skin picker since I was about 12 and now I’m turning 20 in less than a month. For me it started as any old scab then turned into my head, which lead to my Ear. Well today I decided enough was enough as I had to clean my ear out (it was gross). I told myself I never wanted to pick again as It was just completely and utterly too gross. As I’ve attempted to stop picking before (and failed multiple times), I decided I needed an incentive. So I’ve decided that if I can last a full 24 hours without picking ANYTHING (scab, nose, lips, head, ear, fingernails, toenails, wherever) I will reward myself with something I don’t usually do for myself. Then after that, maybe every month that I don’t pick I’ll do something else. Maybe I’ll do that for a year and then if I’ve completely stopped picking, then I’ll think about stopping the incentive thing. Wish me luck…
1 Answer
October 22, 2012
Great idea! I did the same when I started to quit, and it was a huge incentive. One suggestion--don't skip directly to one month. Give yourself some rewards at shorter intervals--day 1, day 2, day 3, one week, 2 weeks, etc. :)

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