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Brooke , 27 Jan 2009

Healing...what helps?

I have been a chronic picker for as long as I can least since adolescence, probably before. I also have ADD, and the amphetamine medications for it vastly increase my obsessive tendencies; last week I picked myself into about the worst mess of raw, bumpy, red misery possible, and am trying to recover from it. I have read that chemical peels, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc, help but I don't see much immediate improvement from them, which is my downfall...I need instant gratification! I have seen results from Retin A when I'm not on major picking rampages and can let it sit, undisturbed, for a few days or so, but that's kind of rare, unfortunately. For any deeply infected areas, there is a product called "Wounded Warrior" that is available in health food stores and, of course, the 'net, which I have found to work wonders on infections and abscesses. It doesn't do much for general spots, though, but certainly doesn't hurt. Homeopathic Arnica gel does wonders for bruises, if anyone suffers from them as a result of picking...even areas that just feel tender. Additionally, epsom and sea salts help with balancing skin's pH as well, and chamomile reduces infections. I used to work as a skin piercer, (hah hah, seriously), and we always recommended zinc supplements to help with healing, along with the salt soaks and compresses. Also, last night I tried a handful of folic acid/b-vitamin complex tablets, (just what I had on hand), in my bath after reading that B-3 gel helped skin, and found that it did indeed seem to start the healing process off alot faster than anything else I'd areas seemed lighter and less inflamed. To stop picking in general, I don't have much advice save for the application of band-aids; they seem to remind me that I shouldn't be poking I am going to try soaking in a tub-full of zinc tablets tonight, in additon to the B-complexes...would like to find and experiment with the zinc and B-3 gels as well. Will update with any new info asap..

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