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Jlhutch82 , 22 Oct 2012

Sad News

I got a phone call today that set me back a bit. My therapist of over 15 years called to tell me that she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it is spreading fast. She will be closing her practice and spending time with family. This news is devastating and I have spent most of the day crying and picking. I am left with pink spots that have me feeling ashamed of myself. The one person that I rely on for support and guidance is no longer going to be there for me, and that scares the life out of me. I am also feeling so many emotions about this news because she has been not only my therapist.but has also become my friend. I see her weekly and she has helped me so much. I just need to get some insight or support this evening during this difficult times. I have not done too much damage to my face yet, but those pink marks could easily turn into red ones if I let myself fall into that trance again.
3 Answers
October 22, 2012
Hi Jlhutch82. I wanted to pass along my sorrow over your hard news. I know it can't possibly replace your trusted therapeutic relationship, but I hope you do decide to lean on the support of the forum during this difficult time.
October 22, 2012

In reply to by valentine

Thank you SO much. It means a lot to have support right now. I feel so many things when I think about this news. I am a social worker, so I have that instinct to instantly think about their family and how this all impacts everyone. I then think about how much time I've spent with this person over my lifetime and how much help she has provided. I am terrified to continue this journey of healing without her.
October 23, 2012
Hi Jlhutch82, I am so sorry to hear about the difficult time you, your therapist, and her family are going through. I know its hard not to turn to picking to stop the hurt and fear you are feeling, but try to remember why she came into your life, and how she helped you. I'm sure she would want you to continue your healing and to use all of the wisdom she shared with you to help you manage this loss in a healthy way. This forum is a wonderful place, with wonderful people who will reach out and offer their support, encouragement, advice, and also share their own daily struggles with you. You have friends here.

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