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Picking-your-battles , 23 Oct 2012

First time poster

Hi guys. Logged on and saw this forum actually had a few posts from this year, not 2006 and thought I could vent. I was about to make a blog then realized that not many people would find it, nor care to read it. So here I am. I am a confirmed picker of 22 years. I am 27. I had a bad night last night. For the past month or so my picking has been really bad. I pick my arms, and from the waist down. I guess I've been more stressed than usual, and I usually pick while I'm in bed, whether consciously or unconsciously. Well, last night was really bad- to the point that wearing my jeans hurts (again.) But of course I'm going to wear them, as I would never be seen in shorts. But for the first time in a long time, something clicked inside my head that said, "It's okay. Things can't be fixed over night just by starting a picking journal, and you have started a new attempt to quit." Maybe there's hope.
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October 24, 2012
Hi. I'm 24 and have been struggling for fourteen years. I have recently been diagnosed & sought psychological treatment for it, although I've tried every acne thing out there. I pick my arms legs and face. My worst times are when I'm stressed or bored. I'm also new here. I think replying to people helps cause it makes me feel like I'm not the only one. One thing that has helped me that my psychologist suggested was buying white cotton gloves & that really helped. Unfortunately, I can't have them on all the time and sometimes I fight myself to keep them on, but it does help. My psychaitrist also perscribed me prozak to help the compulsions. She said it wont fix everything & it will take a while to really work cause it has to build up in your system, but I've been on it for a week and today I looked at my arm and saw a nice big, well big is a relative term, zit I wanted to pop & for the first time ever I DIDN'T. I'm so excited about this small victory. If I can do it, I know you can. Don't be afraid to seek help for this. I was so excited when I read an article about dermatillomania because for the first time I realized, this isn't my fault, yes there's something wrong with me but it's not just a bad habit. I hope this helps.
October 24, 2012
Although I do think there is value in pharmaceutical therapy, please don't jump into medication without exploring other options first! If you question my concern, just read a package insert for the medication you are being prescribed. Better yet, search the internet extensively about it. You may find side effects or toxic effects that you do not want to experience. One study found that talk therapy is just as effective as medications! By the way, there most certainly is hope! If people around the world have the courage and strength to deal with war, famine, abuse, neglect, disease, disasters, etc, then you (and I) can have the courage enough to deal with our own personal battle against dermatillomania! You can (and will) find the strength to carry on and quit for good. :)

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