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irathernotsay , 24 Oct 2012

please help me=(

i have been struggling picking my skin for over ten years , it started in middle school , pick armpits (after all these years of damage is severely scar) and for 2 years my face =(, i cannot stop , i get anxiety to go anywhere, i just dont want to be seen by anyone, if i have to go somewhere i always wear a hat and big sunglasses (my attempt to hide my face) , its miracle i force myself to go to school(when not so long ago that was an issues too). i am trying to avoid my reflection because i will just break down and start picking , and for some reason i really enjoy needles i gives me some relief , i really hate myself
1 Answer
October 24, 2012
Try wearing gloves, or put tape on your fingertips... It has helped me immensely

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