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Dawn , 28 Jan 2009

I just about cried

Hi, My name is Dawn. Im 28yrs old. I have been biting, tearing and eating the skin off my finger for as long as i can remember. However it does seem as if it's worse now than before. I finally got to the point where i need help and that's when i started looking on line. I came across this site and just about cried when i read about others doing this and describing everything i felt too. I tore the side of my thumb yesterday which caused me to bleed and to be in pain for a long time. But what hurt worse was baby siting a 2yr old seeing that and pointed out every thing on each finger and say ouch. Or making up excuses to my 7yr old son about it. Im in a wedding this summer and want to have realy nice hands. It was a combination of everything in the past couple days that made me kick my self in the ass and find out to do something about it. I would also like to add that this is the first time that i have told someone/anyone about my problem besides certain close family members. Im really glad i found this site/ support group. And hope that this will help me through recovery/healing.
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January 29, 2009
Hi Dawn :) I just found this site, too. I'm a 29 year old woman, so I feel your pain. I tear at my fingers, too, although that's not my primary problem (see my post "OCD and skin picking"). It's so hard to know that what we're doing to ourselves is so unattractive, and yet we feel we can't stop. Hang in there! I know I can stop, and so can you. I'm in my sister's wedding in this summer, too, and I bet we'll both look beautiful. I haven't told a lot of people about my problems, either, only a few. I told one of my male co-workers a few months ago, but only because he saw all the sores on my upper back and asked me what was wrong with my skin! Talk about embarrassing! Remember, you are not strange, and you are not alone. I hope talking to others will help your healing process, too. Got any stopping strategies yet?

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