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aloneandashamed , 29 Oct 2012


This sounds disgusting but I pick the skin on my lips, scabs, acne, and even scratch my genitals and smell my fingers compulsively without even realising it. I pick my nose obsessively, cartilage is wearing away in places and I'm scared. Despite all of this I only do this at home and my habit is completely hidden, noone has a clue. I really want to see a doctor about my nose but I use to work at the clinic and everyone will obviously recognise me. But my nose is collapsing as my cartilage melts away. I don't even pick much now but I think the blood supply is going. I can't start a relationship, I daren't go out, and worry my career will be over when my nose completely deforms.
2 Answers
October 29, 2012
Hi There, I've had problems picking with my nose too. This might seem odd, but a few years ago I had a rhinoplasty to fix a dorsal hump on my nose. My picking really wasn't that bad at that time and I like my new nose. Then, as the picking got worse, for some reason I really zeroed in on my nose and I caused the cartilege to kind of deform I guess and it changed the shape of my nose. Maybe if you're concerned about your nose collapsing, you might consider speaking with a plastic surgeon, they might be able to help. I know you said you were afraid of being recognized, but maybe you could go somewhere out of town? If nothing else, you have friends and support here!!!
October 29, 2012

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Thank you so much your post is really appreciated. Out of town is a great idea, just saving up now! Have you been back to your surgeon for help, they can do a revision/cartilage graft?

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