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helpme098 , 29 Oct 2012

My face.

I honestly just can't stop. I'm 16 and don't remember when it got so serious. I pick at my eyebrows mainly, well dig in my eyebrows more like. I also try to find other things on my face like blackheads etc. Yestaday I tried to get the hair out in between my two eyebrows and it wouldn't come out.. this caused me to dig into my skin to get out the hair. It has left me a massive deep wound that will scar. This anxiety causes me to want be on my own, feeling isolated. Also there is nothing worse than regretting it afterwards. please someone give me your email so I can email you, I know how bad this makes our lives and how upset we get. Please leave your emails below x
1 Answer
October 30, 2012
Hi there. This forum is open for help and statements and no judgement! You can post what you need to here and I think we all would love to respond and try to help. I noticed right away that you said you "try to find other things." Do no try! Rule #1 of a picker is to not allow yourself to be with a mirror for very long. As you know, it doesn't lead to anything good. I have done the same thing myself. I see the black of a hair trying to come out and I want it out! So I dig and I make a mess. Now I hardly go into the bathroom aside to do what I need to do. I don't sit down and look in a mirror, I glance- look okay- and walk away. Start weaning yourself away from the mirror and just know that at this point, the less you look into it (for now,) the more you're going to clear up and have less "mess" to look at.

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