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Varun , 01 Nov 2012

Wearing Bright Colors

Keep minimal colours and nude shades away from your face as it’s time to go bright and pop to brighten soon approaching winter season. Few Shades at a Time- so you want to show your confident side by going bright but don’t over-do it. If you decide to wear strong colour on your lips, keep your eyes subtle. For instance, red lips look great with minimal eye makeup. - Choice of Lip Colour- We know discolouration of lips are a big turn off. To hide that select a shade that is closest to your lip colour. While fair skin women can carry off hot pinks very well, those with discoloured lips and dusky complexion can settle for burgundy or brick shades. - Multi-colours on Eyes- Doing eye make-up is an art that takes time to excel but if you do you can pull off pop colours very well. Right from eye brows to eye lids, you can go bright. You can wear turquoise on the lid with dark purple along the lash line or pair with gold.

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