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heikkilae , 01 Nov 2012

Has anyone ever beat this disease?

Just curious if there is anyone out there who has actually found success with treatment? It seems as if no one has any idea how to beat this disease. I have even gone to the Mayo Clinic and they had no clue as how to help me :(
4 Answers
November 02, 2012
my 13 year old sister struggles with it, and we are working with her and finding ways to cope. check out our site our youtube: beautybskindeep and our facebook: we are looking for people to share their stories and photos. if you share your story and pictures, you will get your own page if you'd like. Thanks!
November 05, 2012
I am just now finding out that there is a name for this. I used to pick the skin from the bottoms of my feet when I was younger. I would do it to the point that my feet would bleed a little and I would eat my skin. I do remember telling myself that I should stop, but I don't remember much. I haven't picked at my skin for many years now, but I do get the urge to every now and then. I think it all boils down to self control and making the decision to stop. I did it and I know you can too.
November 05, 2012
Yes, I found success with specialized therapy at OCD center of LA (plus self-experimentation with other techniques), and my clients have had great success with my coaching program. Please see for more info.

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