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Pickle , 05 Nov 2012

Bumps Be Gone

I've been picking at my skin for as long as I can remember. It started when I was going through puberty, and would pop all the zits on my pizza-ridden face. Then as I got older, and my acne diminished, the picking would continue, and spread to different areas of my body. Any slight little bump I felt on my otherwise smooth skin would be picked to a bloody scab. I didn't notice how bad it was, until my Dr. asked me if I'd ever dabbled in meth! At that time of my life, I picked the hell out of my arms, and I did look like a junkie, in that regard. After becoming self-aware of my problem, I tried my best to subside in picking areas that were easily seen (as with an unsightly tattoo). Now I mainly pick my face (with the help of a dermatologist zit-popping tool that reducing the duration of any inflammation, if any at all), and on my back. I began picking the back of my neck, regularly, after I got some razor bumps one time from a haircut, a few months back. Even though there aren't any razor bumps to jab at, but the inflammation I'd caused, I make no exemption to continue, nonetheless I find it helps a lot when I cut my nails as short as possible, consistently, to reduce my urges to pick. I never knew this was a disorder until recently because for most of my history with it, I haven't taken much consideration into what I was doing. I pick when I'm anxious, and I get anxious when I don't pick. It's a viscous cycle. Anyhow, that's my story.
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November 05, 2012
We can all relate to what you are going through. Keep posting here. I find it does help. I cant say it stops the picking but it does help emotionally knowing you are not alone.

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