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sholou , 07 Nov 2012

This is ruining my life!

Hello all. I need some help/support or just something.. I am 21 years old and I am getting married in 18months time. I cant get married looking like this!! I have been compulsively skin picking since about 11/12 years old. I pick my chest, arms, face, thighs and I also bite the skin off of my lips. I cause myself blood blisters, scars, scabs, blood under the skin and lots and lots of pain. Sometimes I dont even know Im doing it, my chest is the worse. Its usually when I catch a glimpse in the mirror or my partner points it out that I realise Ive been picking again. I think I pick anywhere from 3-10 times per day, rarely less than that. I heard finding the trigger helps but the problem is I pick when Im sad, bored, angry, nervous, etc etc etc. Every mood Im in results in me picking. I look like a freak and have to cover up all the time. Please help me stop :(
4 Answers
November 11, 2012
I am not sure that any of us know why we do this. All I know is that it is very hard to stop but with determination and support I think we can all learn to control this. Posting on here had really helped me. I have met some wonderful people whose sup port...ideas....and kind words have lifted me back up and helped me through yet another day. Just know you are not alone we are all here to to offer advise. Hang in there
November 12, 2012

In reply to by sholou

Hi Sholou, You are certainly not a freak and neither are you alone. We can all beat this, its just making up your mind that you are not going to accept this in your life anymore. That's how I feel anyway. Once you decide that you deserve better than to have to deal with this, healing will be easier. You have all of us to lean on for support and encouragement. There are lots of great people on this site who really do care. Hang in there sweetheart!!

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