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SpottyFace , 09 Nov 2012

Has This Cause Problems At work For Anyone Else??

Does anyone else have problems because of this at work? It has become a daily struggle to get to work on time because I spend so much time trying to conceal my scabs. I am so horrified by my appearance that I basically sit in my cubicle all day and hardly ever socialize. This is especially difficult for me because I'm a naturally friendly person. This is a new job for me, and my coworkers have no idea why I am so unsociable. I really want to join in, but I'm so embarrassed...with good reason. I've had to go to work with band-aids and big globs of calamine on my face because I had open wounds on my face. I've even missed work because of a staph infection on my face. I'm at the point that I am looking into working from home. Do any of you work from home? Any thoughts or suggestions are always appreciated! Thanks!
5 Answers
November 09, 2012
Oh yes! My employment history has been a roller coaster ride! Some years, I only missed a few days of work while other years I missed literally WEEKS. This caused serious problems and I have come close to losing jobs. Thankfully, my doctor always provided a note although, I wasn't honest with her until last year. This past year, I landed a new job and have had endless bouts of having to hide in office. Like you, I am a sociable person, but having open wounds on my face, doesn't make me want to draw attention to myself. So, most days I just do my job, eat lunch at my desk, go home. To be honest, I've started to almost accept that this is just the way it is IF I continue to pick. So, it "can" change if I cease this terrible habit. One thing that I realized recently was that I really don't think that others (co-workers etc.) dwell on our wounds. Sure, they may notice, but then they move on. As pickers, we are so sensitive about our skin and apearance that it becomes almost obsessive. Non pickers aren't - so there's really no need to worry or hide. Try to keep this in mind. Be strong and kind to yourself. :)
November 09, 2012
I pick my skin, all over. But my face has it easy. I know MANY people, men & women, who pick their skin, especially faces. & I can honestly tell you, I have NEVER noticed it until they either pointed it out, or I did their makeup. & neither have other friends & family. I'm sure you'd have no one looking at you funny. It IS personality at work, whether you think so or not. & if you think you're beautiful, you are beautiful, & you will come off confident, & they'll never even realize it. & makeup, whether it's "noncomedogenic" (doesn't clog pores, according to doctors/derms), or not, you shouldn't use it. Because it will make things look worse. It will outline the areas & actually highlight your blemishes. Trust me, I'm a cosmetologist. I wouldn't lie to you. I've done makeup for severely blemished skin, & the less, the better. Then it'll also give your skin breathing time, which means healing time. I would also recommend, at night, putting a light layer of WHITE (preferably Crest, actually) toothpaste over the blemishes that have puss. It'll dry the skin over night & it will look less enflamed (red). If you need help or any other advice, you can always come back :)
November 10, 2012
Yes Yes Yes. I have missed weeks of work over this. With one excuse or another just so I didn't have to face anyone. I tried the bandaid once with some lame excuse about my daughter catching me in the chin with the edge of her ring. And one of my co-workers was nice enough to ask in front of everyone if I cut myself shaving....seriously! I agree with everyone else I think we notice as WE are looking because we want to see imperfection on someone else to make us feel better. No one is paying atention to this pimple or that scab or that slight uneven indent....I am trying to buy into this but it is hard
November 10, 2012
It is hard, but if we stop thinking about it, we won't think THEY are thinking about it. & that was very nice of that co-worker :)
November 10, 2012
Thank you so much to all of you for your responses and encouragement. I wouldn't be as bothered, except that I have yet to have even one day of decent skin. I think I've been dubbed "that poor new girl with all the sores" I just don't know how I went from what I used to be, to what I am now..I want my life back!! We can all leave this in the past, I think that having a support system really does help! I thank all of you!!...( I still wanna work at home though:)...

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