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kvpetty , 11 Nov 2012


I am so happy to have found this site- at 56 I thought I was the only one in the world struggling with this compulsion. I have a question--I picked a spot on my chin very badly trying to get out an in grown hair. Anyway it is finally starting to heal after many weeks but it is still so sore even though I have also been taking antibiotics because I figured it was just infected. I just want to make it through a day without feeling my face throb. Why is it still so sore and how long will it take for that to stop? Do you think I have damaged a nerve?
4 Answers
November 12, 2012
it sounds like something that you would need a doctor to check out. hopefully it is just irritated and will stop hurting when it heals. take care. -Abi
November 12, 2012
I have a spot on my chin...same is now starting to heal after 5 months. It was in a bad spot on my chin...right in my smile area so it has taken some time. It is now a slight pink area which i hope fades completely in a few more months.

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