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Abi , 12 Nov 2012

I have been doing this forever. Will I ever stop?

Some times are worse than others. Lately it has been out of control. My daughter is constantly telling me to stop picking. Sometimes I stop, sometimes I don't. I go from one spot to the next and I don't stop until they are all picked off. I have tried keeping the wounds covered with bandages. I have tried cutting my nails as short as possible. All that did was add to my frustration because it made it more difficult to pick. I have so many nice colored shirts that I could wear but I always wear black because that is the only color that doesn't get stained by the blood. Right now I have very many spots on my chest, back, and arms. It takes many months for any spot to heal because I can't keep my hands off it. I have already had a few spots be almost healed only to be ripped apart again. I didn't used to pick to the point of causing pain but anymore I pick no matter what. I hate myself for picking and I hate myself even more because I can't stop. BTW, I'm 46 and I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I have been picking for as long as I can remember.

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